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Codelgniter Web Development

Writing the same code over and over again takes a lot of time when developing a web application. Frameworks reduce the amount of code required to build a website by giving you a place to start. Although CodeIgniter is a PHP-driven framework, PHP is not required to use it. Embracing CodeIgniter does not imply abandoning PHP. PHP is a scripting language that runs on servers that is used to create dynamic websites.

CodeIgniter is equipped with libraries, a straightforward interface, and a logical structure for gaining access to these libraries, plug-ins, helpers, and additional resources that facilitate the resolution of intricate PHP functions while preserving optimal performance. In a lot less time, it produces a fully dynamic and interactive website by streamlining the PHP code. It works with PHP version.

The benefits of using CodeIgniter

1. If a framework with a small footprint is required.

2. You have to perform well.

3. I need a framework that doesn't need any configuration.

4. Require a framework devoid of command-line interfaces.

5. I need a framework that doesn't force me to follow strict coding.

6. Guidelines to obtain an abridged code structure.

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